WPL: Shafali, Jonassen Star for Delhi Capitals in 25-Run.

In a riveting showcase of cricketing prowess, the Delhi Capitals emerged victorious over the Royal Challengers Bangalore, with Shafali Verma and Jess Jonassen leading the charge in a spectacular 25-run win.

The Women’s Premier League (WPL) witnessed another thrilling encounter as the Delhi Capitals took on the Royal Challengers Bangalore. It was a match that had fans on the edge of their seats. With Delhi Capitals showcasing a masterclass in batting and bowling. Shafali Verma’s explosive innings and Jess Jonassen’s clinical bowling were the highlights of the game, propelling the Delhi Capitals to a decisive 25-run victory over their rivals.


A Knock of Sheer Brilliance

Shafali Verma, known for her aggressive batting style. Lived up to her reputation by delivering an innings that was both explosive and strategic. Her ability to dominate the bowlers from the get-go set the tone for the Delhi Capitals, providing them with a solid foundation to build a formidable total.

Partnership and Momentum

The partnership between Shafali and her teammates was crucial in maintaining the momentum throughout the innings. Their collaboration ensured that the run rate remained high. Putting pressure on the Royal Challengers Bangalore from the early stages of the match.


Precision and Control

Jess Jonassen’s bowling was a masterclass in precision and control. Her ability to read the game and adjust her bowling accordingly disrupted the batting lineup of the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Making it difficult for them to build partnerships and chase down the target.

Key Wickets at Crucial Moments

Jonassen’s knack for taking wickets at crucial moments of the game further tightened the noose around the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Her timely strikes derailed their chase, ensuring that the Delhi Capitals stayed ahead in the game.


The Delhi Capitals’ 25-run victory over the Royal Challengers Bangalore was a testament to the stellar performances by Shafali Verma and Jess Jonassen. Their contributions were pivotal in securing the win, highlighting their importance to the team. As the WPL progresses, the Delhi Capitals will look to build on this momentum, while the Royal Challengers Bangalore will aim to bounce back stronger. This match not only provided great entertainment but also showcased the growing prowess and popularity of women’s cricket, with players like Shafali and Jonassen leading from the front.

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