Kumble Urges Jaiswal to Uncork His Secret Weapon.

India celebrates a record-breaking win in Rajkot, but legendary spinner Anil Kumble has his eyes on a future prospect. What surprising advice did he offer young batsman Yashasvi Jaiswal, and could it change the course of the Test series?

The third Test between India and England witnessed history unfold, with India registering their biggest-ever win by runs. While the headlines focused on individual brilliance, a conversation between Jaiswal and Kumble hinted at a hidden talent that could impact the remaining matches.

Beyond the Bat: Jaiswal’s Untapped Potential:

India’s historic win in Rajkot was monumental, but legendary Anil Kumble’s post-match words about Jaiswal sparked a different kind of buzz. Is Jaiswal’s “natural leg spin” the secret weapon India needs to dominate the remaining Tests? Jaiswal stole the show with a double century, but Kumble saw more than just batting prowess. He revealed:

  • Jaiswal possesses a “natural leg spin” and action. Could this hidden talent come in handy for India?
  • Kumble encouraged Jaiswal to hone his bowling and approach captain Rohit Sharma to express his interest. Is Jaiswal ready to be a bowling all-rounder?

Jaiswal’s Response and Team Dynamics:

  • Jaiswal acknowledged Kumble’s suggestion and admitted working on his spin bowling. Will he get a chance to showcase his skills in the upcoming Tests?
  • With Ashwin potentially out, India lacks a frontline spinner. Could Jaiswal fill the gap and offer a unique advantage?
  • Captain Rohit Sharma has already encouraged Jaiswal to be “bowling ready.” Is this a hint at a potential bowling debut?


Kumble’s suggestion has sparked speculation and excitement. Could Jaiswal’s hidden talent swing the series in India’s favor? The upcoming Tests hold the answer. This story goes beyond individual performances, highlighting the importance of hidden skills and how they can change the game. Stay tuned to witness if Jaiswal unlocks his bowling potential and becomes India’s secret weapon!

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