England skipper Ben Stokes blames Zak Crawley’s LBW.

In a gripping turn of events, England’s Ben Stokes raises eyebrows. Questioning the accuracy of Hawk-Eye technology after Zak Crawley’s controversial LBW decision in the recent Test match against India.

Cricket enthusiasts were left buzzing with speculation following England’s defeat in the second Test against India. With skipper Ben Stokes igniting debate over the reliability of Hawk-Eye technology. The match saw an intense battle on the field, but it was Stokes’ post-match comments that stole the spotlight. Let’s delve into the controversy surrounding Zak Crawley’s LBW decision and Stokes’ claims regarding the accuracy of Hawk-Eye.


The match between England and India was not short of drama. With several key moments capturing the attention of fans worldwide. However, it was the dismissal of Zak Crawley that sparked controversy. The English batsman was given out LBW, but Stokes immediately expressed doubt over the decision. Pointing fingers at the Hawk-Eye technology used for the decision review.


Ben Stokes, renowned for his fierce competitiveness on the field, didn’t hold back in his post-match assessment. He openly criticized the Hawk-Eye system, suggesting that Crawley’s dismissal may have been a result of faulty technology. Stokes’ comments have ignited a heated debate within the cricketing community, raising questions about the accuracy and reliability of modern-day umpiring tools.


The aftermath of England’s defeat in the second Test against India has been nothing short of eventful, with Ben Stokes’ remarks adding fuel to the fire. While cricket fans await further clarification on the matter, Stokes’ allegations have undoubtedly brought the integrity of Hawk-Eye technology into question. As the cricketing world awaits developments, one thing remains certain – controversies like these only add to the intrigue and excitement of the sport.

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