Anderson Raises Doubts After Cautious Second Innings in Vizag.

Did India’s jitters cost them in the second innings of the Visakhapatnam Test? Veteran England pacer James Anderson believes so, suggesting their cautious batting stemmed from uncertainty about a sufficient target.

Day 3 of the second Test between India and England witnessed a fascinating shift in momentum. After Shubman Gill’s heroics propelled India to 255, they surprisingly opted for a conservative approach in their second innings. This strategy drew scrutiny from the England camp, with James Anderson suggesting nerves played a role.

Anderson’s Observations and Claims

  • Cautious Batting Despite Big Lead: After establishing a substantial 399-run lead, India’s second innings batting surprised many. Their cautious approach, particularly in the final session, led to questions about their strategy.
  • “Nerves Were There to See”: Anderson, speaking after Day 3, highlighted the visible “nerves” in India’s batting. He believes they were unsure about how many runs constituted a safe total, especially against England’s aggressive “Bazball” approach.
  • “They Didn’t Know”: The veteran bowler further stated that India’s uncertainty led to a hesitant batting display. He revealed the England dressing room conversation, where the coach encouraged chasing even 600, highlighting the contrast in approaches.

Was Anderson Right? Exploring Different Perspectives

  • India’s Perspective: While Anderson’s assessment raises eyebrows, it’s crucial to consider India’s perspective. The hosts might have prioritized minimizing risks and ensuring a strong bowling total to defend.
  • The Pitch Factor: The Visakhapatnam pitch has offered assistance to spinners, and India’s lower order hasn’t always been reliable. A cautious approach could be part of a calculated strategy.
  • Psychological Warfare?: Anderson’s comments might also be seen as a tactical ploy to put pressure on the Indian team heading into Day 4.


Whether Anderson’s claims hold merit remains to be seen. Day 4 promises an exciting battle, with England still chasing a record target and India aiming to capitalize on any psychological advantage. One thing’s for sure: the uncertainty surrounding India’s second innings has added another layer of intrigue to this enthralling Test match.

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