Authentic’ Khawaja set to end challenging year on top.

2023 for Usman Khawaja has been a rollercoaster ride. A tapestry woven with adversity, redemption, and, finally, the sweet nectar of success. From the sting of personal setbacks to the elation of Test triumphs. Khawaja has navigated choppy waters with the grace of a seasoned skipper, emerging stronger and more resolute with every passing wave. But as the Boxing Day Test beckons, a tantalising prospect unfolds. Khawaja, poised to claim the coveted mantle of the year’s leading run-scorer in Test cricket.

From Ashes to Embers – Khawaja’s Year of Trials and Tribulations:

  • The Phoenix Rises: The year began with the ashes of the Ashes still smoldering, a personal nadir for Khawaja. Dropped from the national side, whispers of doubt swirled around his cricketing future.
  • County Cricket Crucible: Undeterred, Khawaja descended upon the English county circuit, transforming the familiar battlegrounds into a proving ground. A mountain of runs, a symphony of strokes, and an unwavering resolve silenced the doubters and reignited the fire within.
  • The National Recall: The call-up to the national side was a hard-earned reward, a testament to Khawaja’s unwavering dedication. Huge applause greeted his return, confirming his steadfast spirit and portending more good things to come.

From Embers to Inferno – Khawaja’s Scorching Ascent to the Top:

  • Pakistan Prowess: The Asian leg of the Test series saw Khawaja emerge as the undisputed maestro. His twin centuries in Rawalpindi, crafted with elegance and grit, were masterclasses in batsmanship, silencing critics and etching his name in cricketing folklore.
  • Homecoming Heroics: Returning home, Khawaja continued his scorching form, his willow a conductor’s baton orchestrating symphonies of runs against the West Indies. Each boundary a testament to his unwavering focus, each century a brushstroke on the canvas of his cricketing masterpiece.
  • Boxing Day Brilliance: With the Boxing Day Test looming, the stage is set for Khawaja’s crowning achievement. The MCG, a familiar cathedral of cricket, awaits its returning hero, the potential for a record-breaking feat dancing on the horizon.


Usman Khawaja’s 2023 has been a year etched in fire, a testament to the transformative power of resilience. From the ashes of doubt, he has risen like a phoenix, his bat a flaming torch illuminating the path to cricketing glory. As he steps onto the hallowed turf of the MCG on Boxing Day, the whispers of a cricketing king are not mere murmurs; they are the roar of a nation ready to crown its ‘authentic’ champion. A Boxing Day extravaganza that will live on forever in the annals of cricketing history awaits you, cricket fans. Raise your glasses to Usman Khawaja, the man who transformed adversity into a victory lap.

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