What is the difference between long-term and special cricket bets? Baji

Cricket betting can be broadly divided into long term bets and special bets:

Long term bets:

› Series winner: Bets on which team will win an ODI or Test series.

› Season winner: Betting on which team will finish on top of the points table in a competition like the IPL or BBL.

› Tournament winner: Betting on the outright winner of a major tournament like the Cricket World Cup.

› Top batsman/bowler: Betting on which player will score the most runs or take the most wickets over a series or season.

• These bets typically offer lower odds because there is more time for outcomes to change and uncertainty is higher over longer periods. But the potential winnings are also larger.

• Long term bets require following a series or season closely to make accurate predictions on overall winners and top performers. There is more skill and knowledge involved.

Special bets:

• Examples include:

Match winner: Betting on which team will win a particular match.

Top match batsman/bowler: Betting on the leading run scorer or wicket taker in a match.

Method of first dismissal: Betting on whether the first wicket will fall by bowled, caught, LBW, etc.

Runs in first over: Betting on the exact number of runs to be scored in the first over of a match.

Next man out: Betting on which batsman will be the next to get out.

• Special bets typically offer higher odds because outcomes are more difficult to predict for a single match. Winnings potential is also higher.

• These bets require analyzing pitch conditions, team news, head-to-head stats and other factors to make accurate predictions for one match alone. Luck plays a bigger role, but knowledge still helps.

MoneyLine Bet in Cricket:

A moneyline bet is a simple wager on which team will win a match. It is also known as a win bet or match result bet. In cricket, moneyline bets are popular in the shorter formats like T20 and ODI.

How MoneyLine bets work:

  • You simply pick either Team A or Team B to win the match. If the team you pick wins, you win the bet. If that team loses or there is no result, you lose the bet.
  • Moneyline odds are quoted for each team. For example, Team A may be 1.50 favorites while Team B is 2.60 underdogs.
    This means:
    › If you bet 11onTeamAandtheywin,youget1.50 back (your 1stakeplus0.50 winnings)
    › If you bet 1onTeamBandtheywin,youget2.60 back (your 1stakeplus1.60 winnings)
  • The odds reflect the likelihood of each team winning based on various factors like recent form, head-to-head stats, playing conditions, team news, etc. Stronger teams will have lower odds while weaker teams will have higher odds.
  • There is no handicap or margin of victory in MoneyLine bets – all that matters is that the team you pick wins the match. If they win by 1 run or 100 runs, you win the same amount.
  • Moneyline bets typically offer smaller winnings than spread or over/under bets because the outcome is very straightforward. But they are easier to get right and are ideal for new bettors.
  • These bets encourage you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both teams to determine which side has the best chance of victory. An upset win can also provide very good winnings due to the higher odds.


Cricket moneyline bets are common since the final score of a game is always obvious. They give gamblers a simple option to wager on cricket games without having to worry about win margins or other difficulties. The popular perception of which team is more likely to win is also reflected in moneyline odds.

So, if you’re looking to place a simple wager on a cricket match result, MoneyLine bets are the way to go. Pick your winner and win big if an upset happens.

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